Toronto Star Turning Point Update

     My adventure continues – here’s my Toronto Star Turning Point update. I was very excited to see Turning Point’s debut in the Star – the out-pouring of support I’m receiving is truly heart-warming. Things are happening already! I’ve been interviewed for a prominent Law of Attraction website, a radio interview is in the works, and I have new subscribers to my blog.

     Coach Caird asked me to determine my #1 measurable goal, which is to become a prominent speaker/workshop presenter drawing on the skills I’ve amassed over the past 12 years, including a five day ‘Train the Trainer’ event I took in BC. I’ve done local talks on Stress Relief, Holistic Health and the Law of Attraction, now want to expand my horizons to Toronto, Kingston and Ottawa. I intend to raise $2,000 through speaking/product sales by my birthday, June 14.

     This goal dove-tailed nicely with my vocal coach session – it centered around eye-contact, tone, posture and effective use of gestures for stage presentations. I discovered my practice of memorizing speeches is not a good idea – it’s fine for the beginning and end, but that’s it. Otherwise, Heather said, you focus on the Tele-prompter behind your eyes, rather than connecting with your audience. She suggests I think of myself as the host welcoming my audience in, so they’re open and receptive to the value I’m sharing. When I do, she noticed my voice drops an octave or two, which is good.

     Heather really impressed on me how vitally important the information I present is because it helps people feel so much better on every level. Like Caird, she wants me to really get clear on the value I offer. She stressed the unique perspective I bring with my individual skill set and experiences, and gave me a few exercises to work on till we meet next.

One I particularly like is, think of myself as someone who’s worth a lot of money. This involves acting as if I’m already there, as if I’ve already achieved the level of success I desire – a technique I teach but hadn’t really been applying to myself lately.

     Caird wants me to focus on business and make networking a priority. We created a mind-map and discussed ways to market my various products. She suggested I offer my yoga clients a discount on my book Relief Beyond Belief as a signing bonus. This hands-on how-to examines 30 natural healing therapies, and includes many DIY techniques to bring quick pain and stress relief.

     I’ve also taken action on an idea I’ve toyed with for awhile – to offer my premier program Wishful Thanking to the world on a ‘name your price’ basis for a limited time. In this multi-media package I teach what the Law of Attraction is, what it does, and how to work with it. I’ve combined this with ancient wisdom about our chakra system, marrying each chakra to one of their primary life  areas. The processes in the program help clients achieve lasting happiness and achieve their goals in each of these areas.

      It’s been quite a week – I’m eager to see what will sprout from the seeds I’ve sown.
 See you next week!
In Light, Alexandria

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