Best Stress Relief Activities – Belly Dancing!

best stress relief activities - belly dancing imageOne of my favorite of the best stress relief activities has got to be belly dancing! Every woman should belly dance at least once in her life!
Nothing wakes up your inner Belly Dance Goddess like tying on a slinky hip scarf that jingles with every movement. Instantly you’re transformed from a mother, grand-mother, homemaker or career girl into an exotic, mysterious, seductive creature
joyfully celebrating womanhood.
I’ve taught belly dance for over 7 years, with clients ranging from 8 – 80, and I love it still! I was hooked from the first time I belly danced – it really is the ultimate in best stress relief activities!
Within minutes of my first lesson, I felt like I’d been doing it all my life!
With it’s graceful, sensual movements, it’s got to be one of the most fun ways to relieve stress. As I practiced hip circles, I wondered why we don’t normally allow ourselves this full range of motion.

As a yoga instructor I spend a lot of time helping women loosen stiff hips to
release tension held there. Maybe we all just need to shimmy more?
Besides being empowering and fun exercise and stress buster, belly dancing gives women of all ages and sizes the opportunity to feel graceful, sensual, beautiful and sexy.

As relaxing and meditative as it is invigorating, belly dancing promotes coordination and body awareness and is a great way to build self-confidence!
It’s so easy to learn how to belly dance – and is a great full body workout!  Let your inner Belly Dance Goddess come out to play as you shimmy and sway your stress away!

Ready to give this best stress relief activities a try? Discover how fun and easy it is with Belly Dancing with Alexandria, a program I’ve created that includes an ebook and video lessons, as well as a full 30 minute workout!


Love & Light, Alexandria




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  • Posted by eyenie on October 12, 2012 at 7:56 pm

    Oh, sweet sweet bellydancing! I grew up with it (my grandmother taught us!!) and have not been doing it for the past few years… And you’re right, it is sooo good for relieving stress (and feeling sassy!) THANK YOU for the reminder! It is delicious, and I can’t wait to dive back in! Have a fantastic Friday, lovely Alexandria! :)

    • Posted by Alexandria Barker on October 13, 2012 at 6:58 pm

      I love it too – have created an entire online program around it to share the love! So much fun you don’t even know you’re exercising! thanks for commenting Eyenie!